Game description

Melissa’s grandfather owned a bar years ago. It was a great place, visited by many people all the time. Actually, back in the days, it was the best bar around but over the years it stopped working. There wasn’t anyone who could continue the business, so the place became a storage place. Over the years, people even forgot that there was a bar in that place, until now.

After a lot of thinking, Melissa and her friend Andrew decided to reopen the bar of Melissa’s grandfather. They are very happy about it and now, they are planning a strategy, on how can they restore the bar to its former glory. It is not sure that the place will become as famous as it was before, but Melissa and Andrew would like to give it a try and see how it will work out.

Let’s help the two friends fulfill their dreams by helping them in the process of renovating the grandfather’s bar. They will also need some help with logistics and organizing the great reopening of the place. Let’s do our best and let’s hope that everything will turn out just fine.

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