Game description

Sarah, Mark, and Nancy are friends since they were very young. They spent their childhood together, doing many interesting things. They spent a lot of time in nature and one of their favorite activities was camping.

One day, the three friends remembered that once when they were camping, they hide a few objects someplace. Those objects were very valuable to them at that time, they were like real treasures to them. They are not sure what those objects actually were, and if they are still valuable. Recalling their childhood memories, Sarah, Mark, and Nancy decided to check out if those objects are still there, in the same place. After many years, they come back to that place intending to find their treasure from their young days.

What do you think, it will be about? Do you like to take a new adventure in nature, together with Sarah, Mark, and Nancy? We will search the place together with them, looking for hidden treasure. It might be a real treasure, but if not, it will be a great chance to visit a new place and enjoy it.

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