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Today, there is no such a thing like man’s work or woman’s work, at least in more developed countries and areas. In places that are more traditional, the woman is still mainly responsible for the house while the men are the ones that go to work and earn money, so they could provide the family with financial support.Melissa and Kevin are young and modern married couple.

They don’t know or they don’t want to know anything about man’s or woman’s work. They are still on the beginning and they still like to do everything together, even when it is time for cleaning the house. They like to help each other in every aspect of this process and they are doing it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

But still, even though Melissa and Kevin like to do everything together, their house is so big that they could always use some help from someone else. We could surely help them so let’s don’t waste time and start cleaning the place. Those two lovebirds will definitely appreciate our help and they will have more time for themselves.
Use mouse to collect items

How to play

Use mouse to collect items

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