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Dawn of Spirits But Alexander, Justin, and Anna are ghost hunters and they are really into those things. They have been witnesses of the many sights that can’t be seen every day, or at least things that can’t be noticed by regular people.

And dealing with those spirits can be tricky and difficult sometimes because each one of them has a different unfinished job that makes them wander around, without being able to step on the other side. In the paranormal literature, there is the term Dawn of spirits, which refers to the event when spirits appear early in the morning.

Actually, there is one particular day in the year when this happens and Alexander, Justin, and Anna, following the astrological calendars, have found out that exactly today is the day when spirits appear at dawn. Our characters are here, to see this phenomenon and face the spirits that will show up at dawn.

Mouse Interact.

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Mouse Interact.

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