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Spies and informants have always been part of all major organizations. This is not right, but all means are used in the fight for prestige. These groups of people often infiltrate competing organizations to come up with certain information. Unfortunately, this is also happening in the ranks of the police.

The two detectives, Barbara and William, are in charge of one serious case that involves one of their colleagues, Paul. They, together with their team, come to the house of their colleague Paul. Namely, Paul has been accused of leaking important information about very serious criminal cases. He is accused of being an informer, and for that, he is threatened with a large prison sentence.

The detectives have a task to find out if their colleague Paul is really an informer or if those traces that lead to him are wrong.Let’s see what will Barbara and William find in Paul’s house, and try to help them collect enough pieces of evidence that will show if he is guilty or not of those serious accusations.

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