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Palani Games – Palani Vociferous Creature Escape Game is another point and click escape game developed by Palani Games. In a small village, there were some homes and people. The villagers lived very happily. A vociferous creature lives in that village. Those people were so afraid of the vociferous creature. The people who did not know this were hiding in a house where the vociferous creature. You must save that vociferous creature from there. That vociferous creature will help you find all the trunks that are hidden there to save you from there. The hare where all the clues that are hidden and there is the vociferous creature there and you are happy to win the game. The tricks of the trick are a little harder to find, but somehow it may be a matter of interest. This game is designed to cure depression and thanks to all the fun and enjoyment of this game. Good luck have fun!

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