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Living in the city has numerous benefits, even though cities can be rather noisy and ask from us to live a rather busy life, always running to get somewhere on time. That is not a topic that should be discussed these days, but we think more about having a place where we could take a rest from our everyday activities.

Carolyn lives and works in the city, but she has a hidden place where she could hide from the city noise from time to time and enjoy the beauties of the nature. Namely, Carolyn owns a farm. That is the place where she can always go and recharge her batteries, enjoying the fresh air and the peace offered by this amazing place.

Today, Carolyn has invited her colleagues Virginia and Samuel to spend some time on her farm. Here they will rest from the everyday responsibilities but also they would like to feel the life on the farm and help Carolyn with her responsibilities here. They would like to learn something new, so they hardly wait to start working and exploring the farm.
Use mouse to collect items

How to play

Use mouse to collect items

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