Game description

Teresa and Bryan are really into tourism. They have been traveling their whole live and they know much about how things work in this field because they always paid attention to details. Yes, they enjoy the place but also notice how the owners of the hotels and the resorts run their business, how do they arrange the place, decorate or so.

Also, Teresa and Bryan always thought about running their own business that includes having their own hotel that will be designed completely according to their taste and style. They would like to run a hotel that will be equipped that good that people will feel like they are at home and where everyone will spend his/her best moments.

And after many years, Teresa and Bryan’s wish is about to be fulfilled. They have bought a hotel that has been abandoned for a long time, so it needs to get a big and serious renovation. This is just a new challenge for Teresa and Bryan and they hardly wait to start turning this hotel into the hotel of their dreams. It’s time to start right away.
Use mouse to collect items

How to play

Use mouse to collect items

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