Game description

Maybe she was very young when she saw the Italian sunset for the first time but this view stayed engraved in Sandra’s mind forever. When this girl was just a young child, she was on a holiday in Italy with her parents. People doubt if young kids are able to remember that much but Sandra remembers in tiny details, the view of the sunset once seen in the Italian coast.

This view is something that she remembers like it happened yesterday and she remembers it her whole life. But years pass and Sandra is not a child anymore. She is a big girl now that already has a fiancée. This holiday, Sandra and her fiancée decided to spend it in Italy.

She is very excited because she will visit this place once again but also, she will have the chance to build new memories of the same place, this time visited together with her love. Sandra likes to surprise her fiancée by preparing him a big surprise. She likes to show him the amazing Italian sunset. She believes that he will be also amazed by this magnificent view and enjoy it as much as she.
Use mouse to collect items

How to play

Use mouse to collect items

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