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Jessica is one of those persons that like to travel. She has visited many exotic destinations so far, but she is always open to new adventures and has the energy to visit even distant continents, being happy that she has a chance to get to know unknown places.

This time Jessica has been on a vacation at Jade Forest Resort for a couple of days. She had a great time in this Resort, but now it’s time for something more. Today is her last day there and she has to pack her things up to continue on her tour through Asia.

But even though Jessica is a well-organized person, that always takes care of her personal belongings and the needed documents for all those trips, something has happened that has shaken things a little bit.

Namely, while she was at Jade Forest Resort, she had lost her tickets for her future destinations. Now she is stuck in one point, at least until she finds her tickets and prepares for the new trip. Let’s help her find whatever she needs, so she could continue her tour and visit more beautiful places.
Mouse Interact

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Mouse Interact

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