Game description

Joan wanted to go somewhere this weekend, to visit some interesting place. Nothing seemed interesting enough for her and when she thought that she will have to stay at home for the weekend, in the last moment she decided to spend the weekend with her parents who live in one small city in the south part of the country.

Besides her parents, Joan has a lot of friends and relatives who live in that place and she hasn’t seen them for a long time. She misses them so much and this trip will be a perfect opportunity to see them all.Besides the sudden visit, Joan plans to surprise her friends and family buying them presents. It doesn’t have to be something big, just something small and sweet. And that is a great idea, just that the shopping centers are about to close very soon and Joan doesn’t have a lot of time for shopping.

She has to make decisions about the presents very fast, and we are here to help her in that. Let’s see what the shopping centers offer and choose presents that will be proper for her friends and family.

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