Game description

If you are looking for some fun and addictive type of game like PULL THE PIN & Grandscapes, then Love and Treasure Quest are one of the best choices for you. Get ready for an adventure as a knight as he seeks his way to obtain treasure and save the Princess that he loves. Test your skills as you figure out puzzles. Find out how you can get the treasure and avoid it from melting. See how you can defeat the enemy as you try to achieve your mission. Figure out which arrows need to be removed and what sequence. Be careful with the spikes, boulder, and poison gas. These obstacles can kill the Monster, Hero, or Princess. Have fun with more than 100 levels with unlimited lives. Try to earn as many coins as you can so that you can build our own castle.This game will surely test your problem-solving skills, pattern recognition and other cognitive skills. But most importantly, this game will surely give you lots of fun excitement. With its perfect match of music, effects and design, this game is something you wouldn’t want to miss. So grab a seat and start to play. You can also solve it with your family and friends.



Swipe/Tap to Pull the Pin. Swipe around the Rope to cut it.


How to play

Swipe/Tap to Pull the Pin. Swipe around the Rope to cut it.  

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