Game description

Sarah is a young musician who is very passionate about her work. She is always looking for new sounds and expressions in her music, finding inspiration in unusual places. Today, Sarah was just walking in the center of the city when she heard wonderful music, coming from somewhere. Very soon, she realized that the music was coming from one music studio at the corner, that seemed to be abandoned.

Anyway, Sarah decided to enter the studio, to find out what is going on there, and who makes that amazing music. She entered the studio, but she was very surprised when she realized that the studio was really abandoned, there was no one there. But very soon she saw that actually there was someone in the studio.

Now, in the studio lives a ghost that makes magical sounds. Sarah likes to get to the notes of this music, but before that, she needs to fulfill the tasks given by the ghosts.You can imagine how Sarah feels, but her passion about music is even bigger than her fear, so let’s help her deal with the situation.


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