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Working in mines is really dangerous. Even though the miners have the needed equipment, they work underground where the visibility can be limited but also the supply of oxygen is another risky thing. Accidents happen all the time, but many families find mine digging as a way to get a better existence.

The people who live around still remember the accident that happened exactly 20 years ago in the local mine. It is about a mining accident in which all the miners who participated lost their lives. Things to be more intriguing, the miners who lost their lives, dug 10 precious diamonds before the accident happened. Now no one knows where are those diamonds. Are they somewhere in the mine; did someone took them or they are completely lost in the accident?

Alan is the son of one of the miners that have dug those 10 diamonds in the local mine. He has a task in front of him, to find those precious stones from the local mine. In this case, it’s not all about digging while searching for the diamonds, he has to have a plan of what to do first, so he could find what he wants, without missing a spot.
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Mouse Interact

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