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Some of us know but some don’t know what is shamanism, and that is ok since all people could not have same interests in life, but we are going to explain you because it is about something very interesting. Well, shamanism is a religious practice that includes a practitioner, who is called shaman. It is believed that the shaman interacts with a spirit world over altered states of consciousness, for example trance.

The aim of this is usually directing these spirits or spiritual energies into the physical world, for healing or some other aims. The adventurist Ashley is in a search for the rare occult books that were used by the shamans in their rituals.

The shamans used these books in the times of the Mayas and that’s why Ashley was searching for the books in the location near the main temple of the Mayas. Ashley believes that those occult books are hidden exactly here, so let’s take a walk through this place and see what we can find around the Maya’s temple. This will be a huge adventure for us too, so let’s start searching.
Use mouse to collect items

How to play

Use mouse to collect items

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