Game description

Unfortunately, people can be very insatiable sometimes, mostly when it’s about money. Ryan, who is the keeper of the local park, a person whose job is to keep the place clean and friendly, has to face one unpleasant situation. He loves this park very much and he takes care of the place like it is his own and that’s why he could not take it easy when he heard that news…

Namely, he takes pride in his work and when he heard that the director of the park is planning to close it down and build a factory in its place, polluting the environment, he became furious.

Ryan is prepared to do whatever it takes, to uncover the truth. He will do his best to discover if the rumors are true and after that, he will do everything, to prevent the closing of the park. Ryan hopes that his efforts will help keep the environment safe and clean, continuing to be the best place to stay in nature. This is a rather serious job, so we could also help Ryan save the park and stop those actions that will turn the park into a polluting factory.

Mouse Interact.

How to play

Mouse Interact.

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