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Some people prefer living in a house, while others are more into living in an apartment. Both ways of housing are good, depending on what you like more or what are you able to choose at the particular moment.

Betty lives in a small apartment in the center of the city for many years. That is something that many people would choose as an option and would be happy to be in the center of all happenings in the city, but Betty has been dreaming about something else this whole time. Betty lived in a house when she was a child, and all this time, she believed that exactly that house was the perfect place where she should live in the future. She was always dreaming about getting back to that house, and now her dreams will finally come true.

Namely, Betty has gathered enough money to buy the house from her childhood. Is she buying a house, or she’s buying memories, we are about to find out very soon.Now, it is time for Betty to start renovating and cleaning her new house. Let’s see if she needs some help.

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