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Palani Games – PG New Year Party Hall Escape Game is another point and clicks escape game developed by Palani Games. You are ready to meet the New Year 2022. You and Your friends were going to the five-star Hotel to enjoy the New Year Party of 2022. You were refreshing at the room of the residency near the Party Hall. Your room door jammed. You were shouting through the window to get escape from the room. Your friends are were in the backyard of the Party Hall. One of your friends saw you, where you stuck in a room through the window. Your duty is to help your friend to solve the hinges and harder puzzles to solve, to escape from the room. Somehow it might be harder to finish the game. Palani Games were testing your escape skill and Wishing you to have a great year ahead. Good luck! Happy New Year 2022 !!

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