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The security cameras installed at the central subway station are probably the cameras that record the largest number of people daily. The number of people using the subway is huge, and this station, being in the center of the city, is probably the busiest station of all.

Those cameras are set there to give bigger security to the people who use the subway or simply walk in that area and sometimes they witness very important things that happen in that area. This time, the security cameras have recorded one of the most notorious criminals in the country who has recently escaped from prison. Actually, the subway station was the last place he was seen, and after that, his trace is lost.

Detectives Dorothy and Kenneth are in charge of this case. They, together with their team have a task to find the escaped criminal and bring him back to prison. That’s why they are here, at the central subway station, trying to find a clue that will take them to the refugee. He is a very dangerous man, and that’s why this mission is of great risk.

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