Game description

Gloria was always scared of one house in her neighborhood. Namely, the neighbors that live in that house are very strange and unsocial. They don’t come out at all during the day and they leave the house only at night.

All of that makes the other neighbors feel scared and they started being concerned for their safety. Why are those people living like this? What are they doing at night and why no one can see them during the day? So many unanswered questions for Gloria and the other people who live on the same street.

But Gloria doesn’t like to leave the things just like that. It might sound uncultured to enter into the house of someone that we don’t know, it might even seem like a criminal act but Gloria is prepared for everything, just to make sure that those strange neighbors are not planning to do something bad.

This night, while the scary neighbors are out from the house Gloria will search all through their house. She will try to find out something more about them, hoping that she will also get the answers about everything strange related to them.
Mouse Interact.

How to play

Mouse Interact.

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