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It is terrible what happened to the married couple Steven and Donna. So terrible that none of us wishes it, even to ours biggest enemies. Namely, the couple was found dead. They took part in some secret party. Someone has lured them to come to that strange party, so they could be killed in the house where this supposed party should take place.

The two detectives Emily and Mark come to the house where the two bodies of Steven and Donna were found dead. The detectives have a task to find out who has organized the party and why did he want the two spouses dead. They have to search everything in details because the organizer of the party didn’t leave anything by chance. He thought about everything and that’s why he “invented” the party in that house, making Steven and Donna an easy catch.

We could take part in the investigation and search for some clues and pieces of evidence, together with the two detectives Emily and Mark. That way we will find sooner the main suspect or even the actual killer of the couple. Let’s finish our search as soon as possible.
Mouse Interact

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Mouse Interact

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