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Many people find shopping to be a perfect way to relax. It is something like a hobby for them, a way to spend their free time. And it’s not always about buying big things and spending huge amounts of money. Sometimes small but interesting things can make us very happy.

Lisa also loves shopping. There is one small shopping street in the city where she lives, and she rather enjoys visiting this street. She checks out what is new in the shops, and she hardly expects to find something new and interesting. Sometimes it is about clothes, occasionally about utilities for the home or some decorations. This time Lisa has found out that there are some new products in the street, and she likes to see if she will find something nice there.

Do you love shopping and searching through shops? Let’s visit this street and help Lisa find what she is looking for. This is a nice chance for us too, to take a walk through Lisa’s favorite street and see if we can find something good.


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