Game description

After about ten years, Nicole comes back to the property that belonged to her grandfather who is now deceased. The place is now abandoned and no-one lives there all those years. When it comes to this place, there is one enigma related to the grandfather’s property that waits to be solved all those years. Until now, no-one was able to solve the enigma.

Namely, the grandfather had a treasure and he had decided to give his treasure to some member of his family, who will be able to solve the riddle. The riddle is related to the place where this treasure is hidden – is someone solves the enigma about that, he will find out where is the treasure.

All those years no-one from the family could find the treasure but now, Nicole decided to come here once again and see what she can do. She will search the whole property, look for some traces and signs that will lead her to the possible answer of this enigma. we could help Nicole in her mission, see if there is some track that could help solve the enigma.
Use mouse to collect items

How to play

Use mouse to collect items

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