Game description

Lily has a very interesting job, very creative and artistic. She is the owner of the theater and she spends her days around \”the planks that mean life.\” Maybe she is not on the stage, but she is the one that gives permission for everything that will be played on the stage; decides on the program, and also monitors the work of the theater staff. Since this is hard and extensive work, Lily can’t make it without her assistants.

Sara is her assistant manager who helps a lot, and it is the key to why this theater functions perfectly – a lot of work and a lot of love for the theater.Tonight, a very famous play will be on the stage tonight. The play is very demanding, so a lot of preparations are necessary.

These preparations have to be done in the play, on the stage, inside the theater, but also outside the theater. Everything must be perfect before the guests arrive.And since everyone in the theater feels euphoric before the beginning of the play, let’s help them make things perfect before the play starts.

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