Game description

Doris is a policewoman that has a lot of experience and many solved cases in her career. She has been dealing with all kinds of criminals, and most of the cases were solved successfully. Now she is working on her new case, she has the information she needs, and she is one the right place, so there are only a few things to be done…

Police officer Doris has only 10 minutes left to find the important pieces of evidence for the case she is working on at the moment. The case is about the city gangs and Doris is exploring the place where they are gathering. She is quite sure that she will find everything that she needs to complete her case, just that there is not enough time for that.

Or maybe, there is enough time, just that she needs some help from someone, to get everything done on time. Let’s help her finish her duties on time, so let’s start searching around the place right away. We are in the right place, so we just have to activate our powers for noticing details, and we will solve the case successfully.

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