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Sharon, after a few years, decides to come back to the place where she was born. She hasn’t visited this place for a longer period of time, but now she would like to come here and remember the time spent there. Sharon likes to see the city, but also she likes to meet the friends she had when she lived there. She is very excited about this visit and willing to bring back many memories.

And sometimes it happens time to change things. We expect something, but things have changed through the years, but this time it seems that something very big has happened… Namely, Sharon comes to her city, but she finds out an empty city, that seems to be abandoned. The streets are same, but like there are no human beings here… There are no humans, but it seems that the city is full of ghosts! Like they have overtaken the whole city and turned it into a real ghost city!

Of course, the reason why this city is abandoned are the ghosts! Let’s see how will Sharon deal this completely strange situation.
Mouse Interact

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Mouse Interact

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