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The village of fear is not a village located somewhere in your neighborhood. If it was, you will definitely know about it. You wonder why? Because we are talking about the scariest place on the earth. This village was a very peaceful place and a wonderful place for living. But the troll named Ethan, has turned this place into the scariest place ever!

The brave Joyce has decided to face the evil troll in the village. He likes to get rid of him once for all, and tirn back everything in the village as it was before. She has realized that the troll won’t leave the place just like that, so she has to find a proper way how to do it. Joyce would like to be smarter than him in her acts and she hopes that that way she will be a winner, bringing back the village of fear as it was before the coming of the evil troll Joyce.

Let’s see what will Joyce do next, and let’s help her if we can, so she could easily beat the troll. All the citizens of the village will be very thankful if this mission ends up successfully, so let’s try.
Mouse Interact

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Mouse Interact

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